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To The Shareholders of Karnes Dyno-Rev Engines, Inc.

First of all, I would like to say thank you! Your ongoing support, patience, and unwavering understanding throughout our challenges as a startup company has been greatly appreciated!

Undoubtedly, you will have noticed changes in our website, branding, and marketing direction. These changes have been made in support of our new focus which is to utilize our intellectual property in the development of off-grid, mini-grid, fixed and portable power generation solutions to expand electricity access throughout the developing world.

In Africa, Asia and South America combined over 1 billion people are without electricity which is critical in powering water supplies, telecommunication services, and strengthening healthcare delivery systems.

The process of bringing a new idea to market is a daunting task. To date, there have been mistakes made and lessons learned. This time around we have done our research and determined this to be a tremendous market opportunity and far more attainable goal than developing an engine to be used in either the automobile, marine or air transportation industries

We are busy revamping our company and in the process of assembling an extraordinary engineering and corporate leadership team with the necessary skills and experience to move our prototype forward. With this new and enthusiastic team, we are aggressively working on creating an engineering execution plan to develop a mature prototype with the intent to someday license our technology.

Many other wonderful things are going on behind the scene. However, at the instruction of our attorney, we cannot disclose all that we are working on just yet!

This new corporate direction has generated significant interest and exposure for our company. Thus, we have chosen to secure our intellectual property and limit access to online content regarding our technology. To the extent possible, we have taken down all of the old sites, videos and data about our former company.

We have a new leadership team, company focus, and direction and I am excited about the potential ahead! We recognize there will be some growing pains as we transition between old and new, and ask for your continued patience and support.


Nathan Kern
Revko, Inc. CEO

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